The 7 Enters Production

Val McAdoo and Ryan Ryan Turberville - Screen Test

Feature To Be Shot in Swarthmore

THE 7, a feature film produced by Val McAdoo and Pete Postiglione, has entered production. Principal photography commenced in mid-July, with shooting currently slated to wrap by early September. Among the locations rumored to be included are Swarthmore College’s amphitheatre and Bell Tower.

Directed by Pete Postiglione with Rob Coccagna as DP, the feature was written by Pete Postiglione, Taylor Postiglione and Kathryn Mackie.

The ensemble cast includes, Grace McAdoo, Hunter Haight, Joey Santomieri, Kelly Montague, Kristianna Ranalli, Max Phillips, Molly Quinn. Pete Postiglione, Ryan Turberville, Sarah Wiegand, Taylor Postiglione, Val McAdoo and Patti Purcell.

This is a project birthed at The Actors Co-op in Swarthmore.

Director Pete Postiglione stated, “We have been preparing for a project like this for nearly two years — our student actors are excited to get to work on this feature.”

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