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The Women's Film Festival 2023

The 7 Garners Offical Selection

The Women’s Film Festival rewarded The 7 Film with its second film fest offical selection. Cast and crew gathered for a special screening of the independent feature at the Moore College of Art & Design, followed by a Q&A with producers Val McAdoo and Pete Postiglione and cast members.

The Women’s Film Festival’s mission is to afford women of any background the chance to be showcased in a truly empowering light.

Phuong Nguyen, a veteran of the Asian American Film Festival, and Layne Marie Williams, a University of the Arts grad, built the festival out of a chance meeting in 2014 that grew to a powerful annual event.
The festival draws audience members from all over the region, as well as filmmakers, poets, activists, inventors, actors, designers, and artists of every discipline who embrace the power of female expression. The Women’s Film Festival encourages and supports women of all backgrounds to embrace leading roles in front of and behind the camera.
Women's International Film Festival Screening of The 7

It has been an incredible journey bringing The 7, originally conceived as a training tool for The Actors Workshop, to the screen as a thrilling sci-fi feature.

The Actor’s Co-op wishes to thank The Women’s Film Festival for their support of women and their hospitality. We highly recommend the festival to female film creators.
LOGLINE: Seven teens receive cryptic letters that suggest they carry a strange power within, but when a mysterious woman seeks to unite their forces they are confronted with a difficult choice.


Produced by: Val McAdoo & Pete Postiglione
Directed by: Pete Postiglione
Screenplay by: Pete Postiglione & Taylor Postiglione AND Kathryn Mackie
Director of Photography: Rob Coccagna, Digital Reality Films

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